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Still image from an early motion picture, Thomas Edison's "The Kiss,"featuring John Rice and May Irwin 

visual literacy

My introductory visual literacy presentations and workshops help students and educators become more empowered as viewers, makers, and respondents to various forms of media. I accomplish this work by leading participants through a series of viewer-centered questions, prompts and activities which I devised to help students and teachers better read (analyze) and write (make) digital media (video and animation production). My pedagogical goal is to provide a constructive group-based conversational model for facilitators who want to generate more detailed and nuanced conversational responses to mass media, works of art or popular culture artifacts.


Discussion-based Visual Literacy workshops and presentations include:

the screening and re-watching of multimedia clips;

careful looking, describing and listening activities;

time for individual and group reflection;

an introduction to basic modes of critical response (intuitive, formal and contextual);

comparison and contrast activities; and

the consideration of ‘maker’s intent’ as a response to elements within a work that viewers/participants may find confusing, surprising or upsetting.


I have shared this methodology as part of artist-led workshops within video, animation production, media-analysis and language arts courses; as part of talks on the representation of women or ethnicity in animated media; as professional development workshops for K-12 and museum educators; with members and patrons of a contemporary art center who wished to become more engaged self-respondents to works of art; and with artists, as professional development, within a workshop entitled, “Developing Language around Your Artistic Practice.” Contact me to discuss scheduling a presentation for your group.

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