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installation (silkscreened merchandise and silent video), 2010)

A playful investigation of the types of images attached to posts within the men seeking women section of craigslist.

     Utilizing content from an initial survey of over 5,000 pics downloaded from the Internet by my partner, Scott Davidoff, I categorized and then produced drawings that celebrated the range of images posted by men. Visual content was silkscreened onto t-shirts, undies and reusable shopping bags, which were sold at the gallery to promtoe and subsidize my work as an artist. A silent video (right) accompanied the merchandise. The images on this page are from the installation at SPACE Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA, part of a group exhibition entitled SCALE, curated by artist Ally Reeves.

t. foley hangs merchandise
ladies' undies
video & gallery install
"tommy" (video still)
tank top with "bay" man
magnet handed out at opening
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