easy pieces

performance series, 2010-2012

Dusting-off and feigning the old trick of ventriloquism to reflect how we perform and interact as disembodied beings via social media.


In a series of live and recorded performances with Hector (ventriloquist dummy as interlocutor), I enacted, attracted and engaged actual online “voices” in conversation with this anachronistic 'virtual' being.


This body of work includes:


The Dummy Is Present, a live media performance which took place simultaneously online, on Chatroulette.com, and in front of a live audience--participation was encouraged;


On Display, a video in which Hector performed personal ads from the m4w section of craigslist;


Reenactment of Vito Acconci's Seedbed, a live performance based on Acconci's seminal 1972 work, with live video projection;


Other short performances prototyped at Experimental Comedy Training Camp, a residency at The Banff Centre, 2012 (contact the artist for links to password protected videos); and


 Social Media--Twitter and Tumblr accounts and a Facebook page.


See the press section of this site to read more about the work. 

video still, "on display"
installation of video and dummy
t. foley & hector the dummy
"the dummy is present"
t. foley with jen melvin
screen capture
montage, video stills
t. foley with jen melvin

t. foley hides off camera, operating hector the dummy and whispering hector's chat lines to be typed by the assistant